Brown’s Orchard Farm & Market / Loganville, PA


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This Harvest Host is nestled in a lovely country setting just outside of York, PA. We parked on a gravel spot by one of the large sheds towards the back overlooking the orchard and rolling hills. I had to use a couple of leveling pads to level our T@b camper. The view is just breathtaking and you can tell that the host had the guests in mind when they selected the location of HH guests.



Amenities Galore

A few reasons we love this host is due to the number of amenities it has on-site. In addition to being a farm, it also has a cafe, a good size market and gift shop, a beer and wine store, an ice cream shop and a garden store. No need to stock up before you stay here. You can get your stock here instead.


How it Settles After Hours

Yes it’s a bustling area during the day, but the scenic overlook gives you a feeling of being secluded. Things settle down around 8:30/9p (on a weekend) and the parking lot empties out. It stayed pretty quiet all night. There are lights outside and they’re quite bright so light blocking shades/curtains are a must if you’re sensitive to light.


Food at the Cafe & Market

We had breakfast at the cafe and the food was fantastic. The pancakes are huge and some of the best I’ve had. We had the Orchard Feast and additional pancakes to share as a family and we still had some leftovers.

The Playground

The playground is conveniently located near the RV parking spot. It’s well kept and kept my 8 and 9 y.o. girls busy.



Joe, the Market Manager, was so welcoming and gracious with his time. He gave us a tour around the market and showed us it’s operations. You should also see his wall of celebrities selfies with Joe. We learned a lot about the farm’s history and operations. Joe also gave our girls goody bags and coupons. It was a lovely gesture and made our Harvest Host experience at Brown’s Orchard Farm and Market one of the best HH experiences we’ve had.


  • Great camping location with spectacular views especially for sunset
  • Beer and wine store
  • Ice cream
  • The market and the cafe
  • You can pick your own fruit
  • Located close to Codorus State Park



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