Roadschool Rules

While in MN outside of Voyageurs National Park this summer (2019), we chanced upon a last minute campground and met the best group of people. We lucked out because we arrived in the middle of a pot luck dinner. Someone had caught so much lake fish, they decided to share the fish fry at the pot luck. Folks brought the rest of the sides, appetizers, drinks, and more. There was a lot of sharing all around from RV’ers and locals alike. We met a wonderful couple who is originally from the area but passing through on their way down south for the fall. They offered their paddleboards and later as it got dark, a critical lesson on stargazing. The girls ate it all up, learning to identify more constellations than they knew before, and learning why we only see a part of the Milky Way. They even learned how to tell how many more hours of sunlight are left by looking at the horizon. And the girls even impressed this couple with their knowledge of Greek and Roman mythology (gleaned from reading the Percy Jackson and other Rick Riordan books, of course).

This is roadschooling at its best. Months later, our daughters still remember the constellations when they gaze out at night and tell us how many hours are left before it gets dark. The lessons still linger. On this journey, I hope we continue to meet people with a wealth of knowledge or experience who are willing to engage in conversation and teach new things to us and our girls.

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