What We Learned 1 Month Into Full-Time RV’ing

One month into RV’ing full time, we’ve learned some things about ourselves and the journey.

  1. We’re surprised that the RV (25 foot motorhome we named George) is good size for the four of us. We have found our spots or niches for reading, working, etc.
  2. We need a day a week where we don’t have anything planned or don’t drive so that we can regroup, catch up, do chores, etc.
  3. Walmart and Crackel Barrel are awesome for boondocking (overnight stopovers) but we need to curb our spending when we go in. Say bye to the yummy biscuits and jam at Cracker Barrel, Jasmin!
  4. Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome have been a great way to enjoy the scenery as well as meet and learn about people and places.
  5. We go through a lot of water for drinking more than anything else. Every time there’s an opportunity, we fill up our water jugs and use the rest rooms at gas stations and rest stops.
  6. Grocery shopping needs to take place every 3-4 days; Aldis is one of our fave stores in the northeast and midwest. After that, it’s Walmart. Other grocery stores are much more expensive and can wreak havoc on our budget. More on meals in a later blog.

What have we learned about the girls:

  1. They can make art or a game out of anything (two gourds Ruby and Boo, Wendy’s kids toys, models for their own characters and cars, rock art, paper necklaces, yarn hats and clothing, etc.).
  2. They’re happiest when they get to hike, rock hop, eat their fave foods (biscuits from Cracker Barrel, desserts like ice cream and cotton candy, etc.), and participate in Junior Ranger programs at national and local parks (this keeps them occupied because they’re completing the activities, learning about the park, and receiving their park badges).
  3. They love hanging out in the hammock, reading or imagining an alternate universe.
  4. They don’t need many toys. Nature provides. They like making things with branches from a tree, like a duck shelter made of pine needles, drift wood, and branches.
  5. They enjoy beach and pool time and will never miss an opportunity to play with sand.
  6. They never get tired of campfires and staying out late and watching for shooting stars, constellations, and satellites.
  7. They hate horse deer and stable flies even though those flies love them.
  8. And they love fishing if they’re lucky enough to catch something.
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